We are in the process of developing resources for patients and carers.

In the meanwhile, here are some useful links about diabetes

A uk based charity organisation. The guide to diabetes section is full of helpful information including basic information, help with Diabetes management, diet information and recipes etc.

An initiative of the International Diabetes Federation. The purpose of the atlas is to map out current information as well as projected future scenarios related to this global pandemic.

Website for the American Diabetes Association. Filled with information and resources.

Joslin Clinic is a teaching and research affiliate of Harvard Medical School. It is a world renowned Diabetes research and clinical care organisation.

Media and Diabetes Unit

The Diabetes Unit has been featured in several films and media produced around the world.

Research at the Unit has been featured in a recent BBC Horizon Film : The Nine Months That Made You.

Recently, research carried out at the Unit has been featured in an IDF production titled 'Bittersweet: Kill or Cure'. The film was screened on BBC Worldwide and is available to watch here

Please contact us if you're interested in accessing other films and media featuring our research.

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