Stress Management Clinic

Important information:

Stress aggravates diabetes. It raises blood sugar levels, activates fat cells, impairs glucose tolerance, increases insulin resistance and impacts blood pressure.Vice versa, people with Diabetes have 30% higher chance of stress related disorders. Presence of stress interferes with control of sugar; there may be increase in dose of medicines, increased chances of medical complications. The Clinic is run by a team of psychiatrist and clinical psychologists. The clinic offers evaluation for psychological issues with medical treatment and counselling for stress management.

People with diabetes who have following problems can consult at the clinic:

• Stress related problems
• Substance use (alcohol, nicotine etc.)
• Memory problems
• Sleep disorders
Thus, stress and diabetes related to each other. Mental stress can occur when a person has to adapt to face the demands of a changed life situation. Getting diagnosed with diabetes imposes new demands on a person such as change in diet, lifestyle, having to take insulin etc. and adjusting to these can be a source of stress. It is known that people with diabetes have a 30% higher chance of developing stress disorders such as depression and anxiety.

The effects of stress on diabetes are:

• Sugar levels not getting controlled despite regular medicines.
• Recent increase in sugar levels which was controlled earlier.
• Reduced motivation to comply with diet and physical activity advice.
• Increased risk of complications of diabetes such as cardio vascular diseases and stroke.

Common symptoms of stress in diabetes are:

• Disturbed sleep
• Excessive worry, increased heartbeat, sweating of hands, dryness of mouth.
• Feeling sad, lack of energy, loss of interest in activities, negative thoughts.
• Increased use of substances such as alcohol, nicotine, caffeine.

Brief statistics:

Around 4-5 patients visit the Stress management clinic per month.

To achieve optimal results:

At KEM Diabetes Unit, the patients are provided education on how to manage stress in diabetes by
• Evaluation for identifying causes for stress.
• Treatment for Depression, Anxiety if present.
• De-addiction for substance use
• Following Sleep Hygiene, Relaxation techniques and learning to manage emotions and relationships.
Professional help is available to manage stress in diabetes. Talk to your doctor. It is important to care for both physical & mental health in diabetes.

Schedule (specific days of the week, time):

Wednesday: 2 to 4 pm.

Consultants / Staff involved

Dr. Rishikesh Behere