Type-2 Diabetes Clinic


Type 2 Diabetes is commonest form of diabetes in India. It is seen commonly in individuals who are above 40 years. Some of the risk factors for developing this type of diabetes are obesity, sedentary life style, unhealthy diet and lack of exercise. In this form of diabetes action of insulinis defective due to insulin resistance.This leads to increase in blood sugar and development of diabetes symptoms.
A diagnosis of Diabetes is life changing. But with the right & timely care & support system, diabetes patients can lead a happy & healthy life. At Diabetes unit, KEMH, Pune, we offer patients the best possible care.We have the team of skilled doctors, experienced educators, certified dieticians, all focused on improving the lives of people with diabetes.
We follow the pentagon of diabetes management; each of its corners is of immense importance. It includes:
o Diet o Diabetes Education o Diabetes treatment with medication o Regular monitoring o Exercise
We offer a multidisciplinary approach towards diabetes management with a good coordination with our doctors & educators.Our mission is not only to control sugars but to avoid & treat diabetes complications at earliest to help patients lead a happy & healthy life.


Monday to Saturday
Morning OPD: 9 am – 1 pm


Wednesday – Dr. Gauri Damle
Friday – Dr. Shailaja Kale
Senior Medical Officer – Dr. Meenakumari
Full time Junior Consultant: Dr. Smita Dhadge

Services offered:

• Multidisciplinary approach towards Type 2 DM and its complications.
• Comprehensive Diabetes Education
• Risk score Assessment and Management
• Physiotherapy sessions for Type 2 patients
• Practical demonstrations of exercises for ex. Exercises for Balancing, Frozen shoulder, knee pain.

Annual Package for Type-2 diabetes includes:

• Haemogram
• Urine (R)
• HbA1C
• S. Creatinine
• Lipid profile
• Fundoscopy
• Foot examination + ABI + Biothesiometry