Research Projects

Following is a list of research studies undertaken by us, starting with the latest study. Click on individual projects for details.

Maternal vitamin B12, folic acid and homocysteine as determinants of gestational diabetes, fetal growth and inter-generational programming of diabesity

A two pronged study consisting of the Pune Intervention Study and two related observational studies in the UK...more

Further investigations into ‘Nutrient Mediated Teratogenesis': Role of 1-C metabolism, vitamin B12 and folate in fetal programming of diabetes and cardiovascular disease

To test the hypotheses that, daily supplementation with 100 ml of vitamin B 12 producing probiotic fortified yogurt is effective in increasing circulating vitamin B 12 status ....more

IAEA Milk Study

In this ongoing study we will utilize previously collected data to test hypotheses about the relationship of milk intake and infant growth...more

Growth and body composition in undernourished Indian children and the effect of vitamin B12 supplementation (GROWSAM)

Ongoing two year study. Developing countries like India undergoing rapid industrialization and transition are facing a dual burden of illness viz. undernutrition and overnutrition...more

Type 1 Diabetes Study

This is a self funded pilot study to examine features of double diabetes and asses reproductive health in...more

Early-life Antecedents of Type 2 Diabetes and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
in Young Indian Adults (PCS)

This is a 21 year follow up of the Pune Children Study. It comprises of further work with 466 young adults showing risk factors for type 2 Diabetes at birth. ...more


Neural Tube Defect Study (NTD)

A study to investigate the impact of maternal nutrition and vitamin B12 on neural tube defects in Indian population....more

Maternal vitamin B12 status in pregnancy and cognitive function in 9-year-old Indian children. (Pune Maternal Nutritonal Study – Decile)

A nested case control study from the Pune Maternal Nutrition Study to investigate the association between maternal vitamin B12 status in pregnancy and offspring cognitive function....more

Wellcome Genetics Study

The study is designed to test whether ApoAV -1131T>C, a genetic variant is an independent determinant of insulin resistance (IR) and T2DM....more

IAEA Vitamin B12 Study

Low birth weight is common in India. It's normally ascribed to small maternal size and 'chronic undernutrition'. The study examines the association between maternal vitamin B12 and folate status and fetal and infant growth....more

Maternal Origins of type-2 Diabetes in India (MODI)

A 6 year follow up of the Pune Maternal Nutrition Study....more

Coronary Risk of Insulin Sensitivity in Indian Subjects (CRISIS)

The study investigates the relationship between body fat percentage and its distribution to risk factors for type 2 Diabetes and Coronary Disease in middle-aged rural and Indian men. A group of urban slum residents was included to study the effect of crowding and unhygienic environment on these risk factors. ...more

Pune Maternal Nutrition Study (PMNS)

This is a prospective, population-based study of maternal nutrition, pregnancy outcome and cardiovascular risk in the children, being carried out in a rural community in Western India since 1993. ...more

Wellcome Diabetes Study (WDS)

This study is designed to find out the potential risk factors of diabetic tissue damage among Indians. The main groups involved in the study are the newly diagnosed cases of type 2 diabetes and the age matched people without diabetes. ...more

A virtual assistance based lifestyle intervention in young employees of Information Technology industry in India: LIMIT (LIfestyle Modification in IT)

A study to determine the effect of a lifestyle modification programme on modifiable risk factors for type 2 diabetes mellitus in high risk individuals in information technology (IT) industry...more



Every year, PhD students from India as well as abroad continue to be a part of pathbreaking research carried out at the Unit.

If you would like to be considered for a research position, please write to Prof. CS Yajnik stating your background and research interests.