We are now part of the Genomic and Epigenomic Complex Disease Epidemiology prog. which will help us establish a network and strengthen research capacity in the field of genetic and epigenetic epidemiology. GEoCoDE is funded by the European Union, includes 27 institutes all over the world, involves research exchange visits and workshops arranged to facilitate collaboration between EU and non-EU countries. For more information click here .

The EU finded GIFTS project is an international collaboration between countries in the EU and South Asia to understand complex genetic and environmental factors that influence the development of diabetes and obesity in South Asian people living in Europe and in their home countries. Studies will focus on the period before and during conception, during pregnancy and after birth to understand critical periods that can be targeted in population wide programmes to reduce the risk of diabetes and obesity.

In this project we will investigate a range of genetic and metabolic factors in the cord blood and placenta of babies born to mothers who were supplemented with vitamin B12 and other micronutrients. More about the study here . More about the GIFTS project here .

Media and Diabetes Unit

The Diabetes Unit has been featured in several films and media produced around the world.

Research at the Unit has been featured in a recent BBC Horizon Film : The Nine Months That Made You.

Recently, research carried out at the Unit has been featured in an IDF production titled 'Bittersweet: Kill or Cure' . The film was screened on BBC Worldwide and is available to watch here

Please contact us if you're interested in accessing other films and media featuring our research.


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