Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are controlled studies designed to test and evaluate efficacy of new treatment for a particular disease. We have been conducting clinical trials at the Diabetes Unit since 1999. All subjects in clinical trials are carefully monitored. Frequent medical exams and tests are performed to assure their safety.

By participating in clinical trials people can contribute to medical science and help doctors and researchers find better ways to treat various diseases. Researchers follow strict ethical and scientific protocols in order to make sure that patients are protected and valid results are produced.

To ensure patient safety, the protocol is reviewed and approved by the ethical committee of K.E.M. Hospital Research Centre.

A full list of clinical trials conducted at the Diabetes Unit is given in the table to the right.

CRO/Sponsors Protocol No. Year
Torrent   1999
Eli- Lilly(IND)   2000
Eli Lilly(IONL)   2001
Eli Lilly(humapen)   2004
GlipiZide/Pioglitazone   2001
Pfizer (Gourdine Study)   2002
Dream Trail(Aventis)   2003
Novartis CLAF237A2355 2005
Clinigene/Merck MK-0431 801 -00 2006
Novartis CLAF237A2302 2006
Eli- Lily(HIIP) H7U-MC-IDAU(a) 2006
Quintiles/Eli Lily H7U-MC-IDAS 2006
Chiltern CL3-00780-148 2006
Icon/ BMS CV181-013 2006
Icon /BMS CV181-039 2006
Icon .Metabolex M102-20509 2006
Novartis CSPP100 E2337 2008
Amylin BCB106 2008
BMS MB102029 2008
GSK GLP112757 2009
Merck TECOS 08200 2009
Eli Lilly GBCF 2010
Quintiles EISAI 2010
Teplizumab T1DM 2010
Biocon EMEA Insugen 2010
Boehringer Ingelheim BI 1245-28 2010